Founded in 2006, Outcome Advisors is an innovative partner for executive clients -  providing strategic and management consulting services across commercial, government and non-profit sectors.


Led by Suzanne and Chris Ritter, Outcome Advisors is a trusted advisor to both seasoned executives and emerging leaders who are looking to clarify their vision, align their leadership teams, and design and implement engaging programs to achieve their strategic goals.

​President & Chief Strategist

For more than twenty years, Mr. Ritter has focused on serving several clients across the federal government, commercial and non-profit sectors. As a strategic change advisor, he concentrates his client’s energy on simplifying their vision while facilitating disparate sets of stakeholders to reach key agreements and take concerted action.

Mr. Ritter is also a founding member of The Talent Pool - a consortium of independent consultants and small businesses that want to leverage one another’s talents and practices, seek creative partnership opportunities and rapidly scale to meet urgent client and mission needs.


Mr. Ritter lives in Bethesda, MD with his wife Suzanne and his three children. Suzanne Ritter leads the Family & Coaching Practice at Outcome Advisors, which partners with parents to co-create personalized, and graphical playbooks that encourage families to work together toward common goals and express their shared love, purpose and belonging.




Strategy Consulting, Leadership/Board Alignment & Governance, Enterprise Transformation Design, Performance Management, Graphical Recording and Team Facilitation, Organizational Development, Human Centered Design, Lean Agile Operations.

Innovative Partners:


IDEO, Interaction Associates, Gallup, Crowley & Co., BossaNova Consulting, Grove Consultants International, Partnership for Public Service, Decision Lens, Center for Creative Leadership, BTI 360, NetObjectives, and Cognexus.