The only difference between a "vision" and a "hallucination" is how many other people see it. Outcome Advisors helps leaders set a clear destination, align their core teams, and collaborate on a shared path forward. The team at the top must agree on the fewest, most important inititives that sets them on the course to the desired future state.


There is an old Chinese proverb, "To know and not to act is not to know." Strategy is nothing more than a set of hypotheses that may or may not achieve the vision. The strategy is never perfect - and executive teams must be prepared to learn along the way. Outcome Advisors helps leadership teams develop a balanced set of leading indicators to ensure they stay on track.

Strategy implementation fails ~90% of the time. Successful leaders need to stay involved. They align their business units and budgets to the strategy. Outcome Advisors helps leadership teams raise divergent viewpoints, reach important agreements, and take concerted action over a sustained period of time.


Humans are naturally motivated by challenge, opportunity and a sense of belonging. Leaders at all levels of the organization benefit from taking time to inquire about their own purpose, values and modes of operating. Outcome Advisors creates a safe clearing for individuals and groups to ask clarifying questions, make empowering requests, and foster accountability for action.

Talented people drive results from corporate strategies - not tools, processes, or technologies. Outcome Advisors helps assess current capabilities, analyze internal and external trends, and identify gaps that hinder progress. With our clients, we design employee development and engagement programs all the way from recruitment to retirement.

Organizations usually have a core process that generates 80% or more of its value. Investing in the core promotes excellence, differentiation, and ultimately business and mission value. Outcome Advisors advises clients on assessing the maturity of processes, benchmarking against industry best practices and building transformational re-design programs.


Outcome Advisors is an innovative partner for executive clients providing strategic and management consulting services across commercial, government and non-profit sectors. With over twenty years of experience, Mr. Ritter has become a trusted advisor to executives and emerging leaders looking to clarify their vision, align their leadership teams, and design and implement engaging programs to achieve their strategic goals.