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Outcome Advisors partners with declarative leaders to get clear on their vision, galvanize support, align their core team, and engage their workforce to focus on the fewest, most critical objectives to achieve lasting results.


Founded in 2006, Outcome Advisors is an innovative partner for executive clients -  providing strategic and management consulting services across commercial, government and non-profit sectors. Led by Suzanne and Chris Ritter, Outcome Advisors is a trusted advisor to both seasoned executives and emerging leaders who are looking to clarify their vision, align their leadership teams, and design and implement engaging programs to achieve their strategic goals.


Outcome Advisors is a facilitative partner for our clients  - and don't come in with a one-size-fits-all methodology. We engage at the outset of an anticipated change effort and assess the organization's change readiness. We provide critical services throughout the implementation lifecycle that complement the organization's team to ensure success. Our services reduce the need for ineffective “crisis” resources at the end of the change effort.

  • Strategy Management

  • --> Visioning & Strategic Implementation

  • Program & Performance Management

  • --> Measures, Scorecards & Roadmaps

  • ​Governance & Decision Support

  • --> Team Facilitation & Offsite Design

  • Professional Coaching

  • --> Individual- & Group-Based Sessions

  • Talent Management

  • --> Workshops & Employee Engagement

  • Process Transformation

  • --> Capability Maturity Assessment

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